Ministry of Education 《Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary》

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Introduction to the Dictionary

◎The nature of the Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

   This dictionary records various words and expressions from the Middle Ages to the modern age. It also uses traditional pronunciation, and quotes documentary evidence as examples. Applicable objects are teachers and researchers who are interested in historical language and the general public.


◎The editions of the Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

  1. Original edition: Original Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

Editing began in 1931, and four volumes were completed in 1945.


  1. First revision: Re-edited Mandarin Chinese Dictionary,

completed in 1981, there are six volumes in total.


  1. This edition: Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

The online version was completed in 1994, and the CD-ROM version and online revision were completed in 1997. The operation of the revision from 1994 to 2015 is as follows:

Taiwan Academic Network Version 1, September 1994

Taiwan Academic Network Version 2, July 1996

Taiwan Academic Network Version 3, March 1997

Taiwan Academic Network Version 4, April 1998

Taiwan Academic Network Version 4 Ver.2, December 2007

(The cumulative number of users from the first to fourth versions is 257,671,025)

Taiwan Academic Network Version 5, November 2015


◎History of Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

   The Mandarin Chinese Dictionary of the Ministry of Education was prepared in1926, and began to be edited in 1931, due to the war, the editing work was completed in 1945. The first edition was divided into eight volumes, and was reprinted and divided into four volumes in 1947, which was printed and distributed by the Commercial Press. From 1976 to 1979, re-editing was carried out based on the Mandarin Chinese Dictionary, expanded into six volumes, and delivered to the Commercial Press for typography in 1981. In 1987, a task force was set up to revise the Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary. The revision was completed in 1994, the online version was completed in 1994, and the CD-ROM version was released in 1997.


◎The words collected in the Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary are as follow:


CD-ROM Version 3

Taiwan Academic Network Version 4 Ver. 2


July 1991

December 2007

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Total number of words and phrases recorded 



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1. The number of words, including polyphonic words.

2. The number of words and phrases, including polyphonic words.

3. The total number of entries in the CD-ROM version does not include the total number of cross entries.